A Small Guide To Successfully Dealing With A Drug Charge



Dealing with a drug charge is a difficult process, especially for a first-time offender. Now, whether you are guilty or not, you should know that almost every drug charge differs from the other. Therefore, if you end up facing one, try not to compare it with others. Instead, learn more about the factors that go into the each final verdict. For that matter, we will offer a few tips on how you can improve your situation and improve your odds of winning the case.

Do not speak to the police officers

22jkjfhgohoOf course, you will have to divulge certain pieces of information, so that the police officers can identify you, such as your address, date of birth, name, etc. But, that is pretty much it. Keep in mind that you are not obliged to provide answers to any other inquiries. Some police officers will utilize a variety of tactics to extract information, and that more often than not involves lying and misleading statements. Don’t forget those police officers have a singular goal of acquiring all the necessary information that will aid them in case investigation. Therefore, to preserve your chances of winning the case, save the important information for your drug attorney.

Familiarize yourself with the charges

Drug possession

If an individual is caught in possession of any illegal substance, such as heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine, they will most likely face severe possession charges. The final sentences usually depend on the amount and type of drugs, as well as any criminal history.


Those charged with drug cultivation can also end up with harsh penalties. These charges can include producing or growing illegal types of mushrooms, cannabis, or the production of substances such as methamphetamine or LSD. If you are caught in the possession of drug manufacturing equipment, but no drugs, you will still face the charges.

Possession with the intent to deliver or sell

This is a more severe version of the standard possession charge. It occurs when law enforcement officers deem that the individual caught in the possession of drugs plans to sell them. More often than not, the police officers will take drug items such as baggies or scales as evidence, as well as large volumes of cash. This assumption can be, of course, highly subjective and it usually depends on the interpretation of the prosecutors or police officers. Regardless, being convicted of this crime can lead to some devastating outcomes, including severe financial fines and long-term incarceration.

Drug distribution

This is a rather broad term, which includes illegal importation, trafficking, sales and the delivery of substances such as marijuana, prescription drugs, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD and so on. Some of the typical distribution charges are for knowingly and intentionally moving the drugs from place to place and for selling them. Keep in mind that drug distribution is considered as both a federal and a state crime. Either way, the consequences of both can be pretty harsh, with severe financial penalties and prison incarceration.

Hire an experienced lawyer

33,mmnkjfnjkDefending yourself in front of the court is possible, but extremely difficult and stressful. Given the complexity of the law and the drug charges themselves, you will hardly be able to achieve any success. To significantly increase your odds of winning the case, you should immediately look for an experienced rancho Cucamonga drug attorney. Such an attorney will not only help you understand the details of the process but also work hard to take down your charges completely or reduce their severity.…

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Reasons to visit the criminal defense team linked in page


Before requesting for the services of the criminal defense team, it is important to know some information about them. This will help you to decide whether they are the right attorney to take on your criminal case. Usually, a
person that is accused of any kind of crime needs the services of someone that they can trust. They also need someone who will come in quickly to save them from this situation because failure to do that can lead to a jail term. The worst part is that this can happen even when you are innocent. Therefore, you should look for information from sources such as the dense criminal team Linked in Page. Here are the factors that you should be focused on when doing this.

Find out their background information

2You will be able to find out there about their past by looking at their page. This is because there is information about the law schools that they attended, and the years that they graduated. This also means that you can be able to tell how experienced these professionals are. Most of the time, people want lawyers that have an impressive background because it is an Indication that they will get better services. To add to that, you will know if the attorneys have a good relation with their past and existing clients, and use the information to determine what will happen when you hire them.

Check the cases that they have handled

Since you are expecting the team to help you overcome criminal accusations that have been leveled against you, you have to look at some of the cases that they handled before. There is no better place to find this information than the criminal defense team Linked in page. There, you will find selected cases that reflect the ability of these attorneys to handle complex cases. You will be looking at things such as how long it took them to get their customers out of trouble, and if they managed to avert the punishment. Ou also will be looking at how they related to their customers during those cases.

Learn about the support staffs that the work with

3If you want to know the kinds of people that the tram works with, you can find that information from LinkedIn. The team will allow you to see introductions about all their staffs. For instance, they will give you the names of the people that you are likely to find when you visit their offices. Sometimes, you will have to head over to those offices even when your lawyer is not around. You should get friendly and understanding staffs so that you can get the services that you need.

Indeed, the information that you can find from the criminal defense team Linked in the page is almost endless. You are the one that knows the specific details that you want to know about these professionals before hiring them. Therefore, you should take enough time to go through the page, and see if you are satisfied with what you see.…

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There are various attorneys practicing all over Fresno. Getting lawyers who have experience in dealing with a personal injury in Fresno is equally difficult and hard to find. However, at facebook page of tomassian pimentel & shapazian,you will get the result which is the best and tailored for each client. This is because the legal system can be a tad too daunting.

Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian have developed an approach that eases a clients’ concern and has the case concluded successfully. The compensation package that you will receive is set and agreed prior to pursuit with the legal system. We endeavor to have our clients get the maximum compensation that can possibly be awarded.

Whenever you have the following injuries, feel free to contact Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian for a Fresno personal trauma lawyer:

  • Trauma as a result of negligence caused by another party
  • Accidents as a result of construction or at workplace
  • Negligence caused by medics and paramedics
  • Trauma caused by conditions which are hazardous or as a result of insecurity that is not adequate
  • Accidents caused by modes of transport


2Seek medical attention immediately. Caution should be exercised so that no statements are made or admission of liability. If this is done, it could prove counterproductive later. Photos of the scene should be taken and all documentation regarding the accident and trauma scene kept.

At Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian, we discourage our clients not to accept any form of settlement. This will extinguish any right that may exist for more compensation in the event that the injuries are worse than initially assessed. Secondly, some injuries may call for significant compensation. Examples of such injuries are spinal and brain injuries. Additionally, lawyers at Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian will ensure that the compensation package includes medical expenses, both current, and future, loss of earning and income among other things that may become necessary in the future.


The world is full of sharks. Among the sharks are the insurance companies which are on the prowl waiting to take advantage of people with injuries and lack information on the right procedures to be followed. The loss adjusters will ensure that minimal amounts are paid out in order for their companies’ profits to skyrocket. Lawyers at Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian will ensure that the client is not taken advantage of. Maximum compensation is the maxim.

An injury lawyer will negotiate your compensation and ensure that you are not paid, but also your medical bills are settled.

When a lawyer is hired, the injured person has a peace of mind. The client will concentrate on healing while the lawyers’ focus will be on the legal aspects.


3People are advised to hire lawyers immediately. This will help the lawyer do a comprehensive analysis of the possible compensation.

When you are looking for a lawyer, always ask around for a recommendation. Additionally, you can do a search on either Bing or Google.

The charges by the lawyers are pretty straight forward. A contingency fee is always pre-agreed. Further to this, a percentage is normally charged for all recoveries made.

It is always advisable to communicate directly with the attorney and not his assistants. A rapport needs to be built.

Always ask the attorneys all the questions you have and finally, never fear to consult. It is absolutely free!…

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