5 Things you need to know when hiring a web design firm


Advancement in technology has raised the need for businesses and individuals to have websites. This not only makes a business look legit but also brings in more clients resulting to more sales. When people want to find out more about a business, the first thing they do is go to the Internet to check if they have a website or social media pages. A website is, therefore, the face of the company. It can give a business more clients or drive away potential clients. It is therefore important to have an informational and appealing website constructed for you.

It all comes down to the web design firm you assign the job. A good web design firm should not just construct a great website but should also offer advice on how to go about the process. To assist you, here is a list of 5 things you need to know when hiring a web design firm.


2Before hiring a web design firm, you need to know how experienced they are. This is not based on how long they’ve been in practice but on the number of successful projects they’ve worked on. Ask for their work portfolio and look at the websites they’ve designed before. You should especially look out for those that resemble the type of website you want. This will give you an assurance that they are in a position to deliver. Go a step further and contact some of their previous clients whose websites you liked and enquire the performance of the website. Performance of website includes how it appears when opened on different devices; it’s loading speed on those devices, it’s google ranking as well as how it has helped the business.

Your project scope

It’s imperative for you to come up with the scope of your project. There are different types of websites and you need to have in mind the type you need. To guide you on this, consider your business type and the information you need to be included. This will determine the layout and the number of pages. You should go to the web design firm with an idea of what type of website you want.

Services offered by the web design firm

Most web design firms do not stop at web design only but offer other services like web development, search engine optimization and graphic design among others. Pro mark Business Solutions offers web design, Search Engine Optimization, graphic and logo design as well as social media marketing. If you find a firm that offers all these services the better since they are all vital.

The work time line

Most web design firms deliver work in phases. It’s important to do a breakdown of the number of phases the project is going to have and when each phase should be delivered. This keeps track of the work progress and helps you assess if they are doing a good job.

Overall charges

3When hiring a web design firm, you need to know their exact charges for the different types of websites. They should lay out all the charges for you inclusive of all the services they are offering you. You also need to know their preferred terms of payment.…

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