Tips Used In Car Dent Repairing

There are different methods or ways which can be employed in removing dents from a car. The dent should be analyzed first before using any paint. This will help you in determining the best technique that would be utilized in removing the dents. The following are the variety of steps followed before removing a dent from your vehicle. These tips can be employed in removing and kind of dent on your car.

Washing the automobile

This is the first step that should be done before removing the dents from your vehicle. This is done by scrubbing the car. Dish laundry soap should b in this process instead of the regular soaps used in washing automobile. The common soaps are avoided since they have a tendency of leaving behind some silicone and wax which would complicate the dent removal process. All the wax should be removed to facilitate the removal of dents from your vehicle. Any equipment and tool can be utilized in removing wax provided it does not slip.

Getting rid of all the wax and grease

This is done using the standard grease remover. Alternatively, you can use some hot water and lemon juice to remove grease. Grease and wax should be eliminated entirely from the spots.

Finding the correct equipment and tools

All the right tools should be collected before repairing the dent. You can use a hammer and a dolly if the dent is accessible from either side. Another important tool is the stud welding gun.

Adopt the best rule when removing the dent from your car

All the rules should be applied right from the first one. This means that you should repair the first dent and finally work on the last dent. This will involve following the same procedure or sequence when removing the dents from your automobile.

Heat shrinking

This method is employed when shrinking the metal to a certain proportion. Shrinking of metal can be done by using a shrinking hammer and a few cubes of ice. In some case, the heat techniques are applied in expanding the metal. Ice cubes are used when shrinking the metal quickly especially when removing the tiny dents. You are advised to avoid using a blow torch for a long time as it might harm your metal and a pint.


Apply a filler material

Body filler should be used after straightening the metal. This filler should be used on the metal or steel directly. This is followed by removal of the old coating from the vehicle.