Vaporizer vs. Bong: Knowing the Difference

678976564Electronic cigarettes are commonly used in exhaling and inhaling the vapor. This is known as vaping. In the recent days, many people have opted for vaping away from smoking. By far, the vaporizers have taken over the market by storm. The smoking bongs are serious facing stiff competition from vaporizers.

A bong is a tool used to smoke some substances. When inhaling the smoke using a bong, water is filled at the bottom to help in cooling the thick smoke that is passing through. For the longest time now, since its invention, bongs have been the most liked method of smoking thanks to their ease of use.

Differentiating bongs from vaporizers has eluded many users, even after using these tools for long. We have prepared a few aspects to help in differentiating bongs from vaporizers.

Understanding vaporizers and bongs


Until the recent vaping forms, the use vaporizers has not been on limelight, even after being in use for a while now. During vaping, the vapor is formed by applying heat to some liquid. The vapor is then inhaled. Usually, the vapor is odorless but contains some nicotine. Head Shop Headquarters argues in their blog that there are many forms of vaporizers in the market today. As such, there has been an emerging trend in vaping liquid flavors. They are readily available in various stores and vaping joints.

Vaporizers have evolved into vape pen. It is light and easy to carry around. It is easy to use. If you love vaping, it is easy using this tool at any moment you want. You can still get high on the substance you love vaping on.


Bongs have been on the market for longer than vaporizers. They are more popular with tobacco or herb users. They are usually made of glass or acrylic. They are made with a large pipe for inhaling smoke. In its basic form, a bong has a mouthpiece, stem, bowl, and chamber. They allow for heating the smoking substance.56578o765


  1. Bongs are more popular, although vaporizers are also found around the world.
  2. Vaporizers are relatively more expensive than bongs
  3. Smoking through vaporizers allows for clean smoke inhaling as compared to using bongs
  4. Bongs are much bigger as compared to the easily portable vaporizers
  5. To filter smoke, bongs require water while vaporizers do not
  6. Getting high is easier while using less dosage with a vaporizer as compared to a bong